Research: Using the Internet research skills we have learned, you and your partner will research your decade on the history of the Internet or the computer.  I have listed some helpful web resources below to help you get started.

Collaborate:  Partners must share a Google document for notes, planning and sharing web resources. Please share your Google document with me as well.

Planning: DESIGN WITH THE END IN MIND! Your final product will be a web page containing a time line of at least five major developments during your decade,  a paragraph summary of the developments, a paragraph comparing/contrasting the computer or Internet then with now, appropriate graphics, two podcasts (one for each partner) and a list of links to all of your resources (written and graphics).

Web Page Design

Internet in 2010

1. Title your web page:  History of the Internet yyyy to yyyy or History of the Computer yyyy to yyyy.
Designed by First Name and First Name.
2. A time line of at least five major developmental points about your decade of the Internet or computer~ include important dates and names of important people when you can.  Make sure that your developments are in chronological order which means by date. This may be done with bullets or an online time line web site.  
  Use a table to organize your date, development and graphics.

3. Appropriate graphics that are related to your decade. Remember to document your sources in your Google doc because you will need them in your web page.

4. A summary
of the major developments that occurred during your decade. This summary should answer several of the questions below:
            What were the developments?

            Why was it invented?  What was the need that it was addressing?

            What was the cost?

            What did it look like?

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation will count.  Copying and pasting from web sites is not allowed and will result in a zero for the final web page grade.
5. Podcasts by each web designer recording the highlights, summary, or comparison of your decade. Podcasting notes will be available in Moodle. You will use Audacity to create your podcasts and export your recordings as MP3 file which will be uploaded to your web site.
6. A paragraph to compare/contrast your decade to the technology we use today.  What is different? What is the same? How did the decade improve our digital life?

7. Cite your sources by linking the names of the sites at the bottom of your web page. You must list all of the sites you used as resources.  You must take information from a minimum of 6 web sites.  Link the title of the web site – do not type out the entire URL.  For example, to link Microsoft, do not type out  Just link the word Microsoft.

8. Preview your presentation.  How does it look? Use spell check to correct errors. Is your font the right size? Can we see all of your presentation clearly?  Edit your work!