Have you ever wondered how the computer developed into what it is today?  Did it come into existence with one single design or did it evolve from a series of inventions? Why did someone decide we needed a machine to help us think? When did people start buying computers for their homes? Did Apple make the first laptop computer?
Bill Gates created a lot of things for the computer, but did he invent the Internet?  The Internet celebrated its 40th birthday last year, but students in the 1960s didn't use computers or the Internet.  Why?  Did the Internet develop from a business need or was it something else?

This WebQuest has been designed to help guide you as you answer the questions above and more. You are a research journalist and a web designer. You will select a decade (10 years) in the life of the computer or the Internet and investigate, research and present your findings in a web page for the class. It is important to discover and know the creation, conception and design of the technology that we use everyday of our lives.  We will share our findings and discuss where we might be headed with computers and the Internet
in the future
Watch the video at this link to learn about the birth of the Internet.